Police fined the driver of this ute.
Police fined the driver of this ute.

Is this the worst park ever attempted in Ipswich?

POLICE patrolling a popular Ipswich shopping centre were shocked at the parking antics of one particular motorist last Friday.

The ute came to the attention of police after they were told that it had parked in a disabled spot without a permit while also parking in the vehicle next to it.

Police began writing a ticket for the ute when the driver returned and claimed he was unaware he had taken a disabled park.

The owner of the other vehicle then arrived and said, "How am I supposed to get into my car?".

Police issued the ute driver with traffic infringement notices for improper car park and stop contrary to disabled car park sign.

The incident has prompted police to remind motorists that disabled spots are not for use by the general public.

Police would also like to remind permit holders to have permits displayed correctly in the windscreen so that the permit and the expiry date are clearly visible from the outside.

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