WHEELS IN MOTION: Kingaroy Speedway's champion of champions Travis Hutchison on track.
WHEELS IN MOTION: Kingaroy Speedway's champion of champions Travis Hutchison on track. Claudia Williams

Drivers gear up for massive racing season in Kingaroy

MOTOR SPORT: Kingaroy Speedway is gearing up for an action-packed season of racing as the club prepares to host an Australian title in 2019.

This comes off the back of the club's most successful season to date and the club is looking forward to making the 2018-19 season a greater experience for drivers and fans alike.

For the first time, drivers and spectators are weble to download the program for the meeting online during the 2017-18 season rather than having to purchase a hard copy.

It proved to be a crowd-pleaser and the club has been recognised for their foresight, winning the Innovation of the Year award at the Speedway Australia Awards.

Kingaroy Speedway president Travis Barron said having the online program meant changes could be made closer to the start of racing, making the program more accurate than the print version.

"When it was printed out only the competitors would buy the programs and now the whole crowd can look on their phones and keep track of what's happening,” Barron said.

This season, racing was streamed live across the Kings Royal weekend of racing.

Spectators could tune in from 44 different countries and Barron said the club was overwhelmed by the interest, with 44,000 people watching the stream over the three-day event.

"It was an advertisement for the year coming up to show them to come to Kingaroy for next year and a lot of people have committed and want to partake,” Barron said.

The speedway has a huge season ahead, with the annual Kings Royal meeting across the Australia Day weekend before Kingaroy plays host to the national modified sedan title from April 25-27.

"January is our focus and will be the test run for the big meeting in April and we are expecting drivers from every state in Australia and it will showcase the whole South Burnett region,” Barron said.

Barron said the club was looking to improve the visitors' time off the track during the Kings Royal.

"We have finally got the racing formula right and want to make the time not racing better so the whole family has something to do all day,” he said.

"We are trying to make it a week in the South Burnett and make it a holiday as well as an event.”

There will be a whole new surface on the track ready for the club's season-opening meeting on September 22 for drivers to put to the test.

"We will be taking out a foot-and-a-half of track surface and relaying with a new material to keep the surface fresh,” Barron said.

With 100 cars taking home one wheelbarrow of dirt each from every meeting, the track needs to be resurfaced at least once every five years.

"That will involve 1000 tonnes of dirt and clay from local sponsors and partners,” Barron said.