Kingaroy District Court sat on Wednesday August 22.
Kingaroy District Court sat on Wednesday August 22. Tobi Loftus

Drunk driver who injured passenger found with drugs

A DRUNK driver who caused injury to his passenger has had his sentence increased after being found with drugs.

Mitchell Weeks was on a suspended sentence for driving dangerously while intoxicated and causing grievous bodily harm to his passenger.

The 25-year-old breached the sentence when police officers found him with less than a gram of marijuana on May 3, Kingaroy District Court heard.

The court heard Weeks had used the drug to deal with pain from injuries sustained in the car crash three years ago.

He was previously sentenced to two years' imprisonment by the same court on November 10, 2015, and was released on parole after serving 10 months.

Weeks had driven, while intoxicated, at a very high speed through a T-intersection and into a paddock, injuring himself and his passenger, the court heard.

The court heard he had stopped taking previously prescribed medication from the doctor, and substituted it with marijuana, for the nerve damage on his hand.

Weeks had failed to attend the police station following the drug charge for identifying particulars.

The court heard Wicks had appeared before Murgon Magistrates Court on June 4, 2018, and was convicted and placed on a good behaviour bond.

Judge Douglas McGill said Weeks had already completed the drug diversion program required from the June court order.

Despite the seriousness of the dangerous driving offence, it would be unjust to hold the whole of the imprisonment, he said.

Weeks' original sentence of suspended imprisonment set on November 10, 2015, was extended by six months, to a total of two and a half years in Kingaroy District Court on Wednesday, August 22.

Judge McGill said if Weeks committed another offence he would be liable to serve some, or all, of the imprisonment sentence.