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Dark Phone Mobile Man Texting Guy People

DV breach: Man told mum he had a woman locked in his bedroom

A MAN who told his mother he had a female locked in his bedroom told police he did so to get his mother out of her house for the first time in three months due to COVID-19.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty on June 29 in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to breaching a domestic violence order.

Police prosecutor Casparus Schoeman said the defendant told his mother this information by phone on March 13, along with saying he had knife to the female’s neck.


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He said when police arrived at his place, they found him alone and with three knives.

“He was extremely intoxicated,” Mr Schoeman said.

Defence lawyer Stephanie Nicholas said her client, 32, was an alcoholic who had lost his job and drank two bottles of vodka while listening to hard core music that night.

She said the music confused his mind.

Ms Nicholas said her client had taken “significant steps towards rehabilitation” since.

She said he was taking medication that inhibits cravings for alcohol.

Magistrate Cameron Press ordered the defendant to 12 months probation with a special condition of no alcohol and to attend rehabilitation and DV counselling as directed by probation.

A conviction was recorded.