Easter idiot: Busted doing 220kmh in a 100 zone

THE dubious honour of being Queensland's most excessive Easter speeder has gone to a man who was clocked at 220kmh on a western Darling Downs highway.

The Gold Coast man was caught in a 100kmh zone north of Taroom.

Senior Constable Phil Percy said he was "in disbelief" as the 2014 Audi S3 came speeding down the Leichhardt Hwy toward him at 2.08pm on Friday.

"I was trying to match what I was seeing on the radar with what I was seeing with my own eyes," he said.


"To be driving that fast in an area with cattle and kangaroos on the road…I was in disbelief that a car could go that fast on the highway.

"Like he said to me, there was no way I would have caught him.

"It's a good thing he pulled over."


Queensland police are subject to the "no-pursuit" policy, introduced in December 2012.

The man was immediately suspended from driving for six months, fined and lost eight demerit points.

He will face Taroom Magistrates Court in June.

Eight people have died in road accidents in Queensland this Easter.