FILE PHOTO: Ipswich's mayoral candidates at an election debate last month.
FILE PHOTO: Ipswich's mayoral candidates at an election debate last month. Andrew Korner

ECQ calls on mayoral candidates to supply bank statements

CANDIDATES in the mayoral by-election have been asked to supply bank statements, as part of a "compliance review".

The Electoral Commission Queensland today sent an email to those who contested the office of mayor in the August 19 poll.

The email reads;

"Candidates participating in local government elections and by-elections are subject to the disclosure and dedicated account provisions of the Local Government Electoral Act 2011.

"To validate disclosures made in the electronic disclosure system, the Electoral Commission of Queensland requests that you provide the following records by 15 September 2017: dedicated account bank statements."

The Ipswich mayoral by-election, along with the Boulia Shire Council councillor by-election, was the first time the new electronic donation disclosure system, introduced in February, was put into action.

Under the new rules, candidates must declare donations within seven business days.

That's seven business days after the candidate receives the 'gift', where a gift relates to property or provision of services.

Mayor Andrew Antoniolli, who has been on the council for 17-years, said he had never been asked to supply bank account statements in this fashion, post-election.

But, he said, he was happy to comply and offer any information requested by the ECQ.

The ECQ says the request for dedicated bank account statements is "part of our standard compliance review".

On the Thursday before polling day, an ECQ spokesperson said disclosures being made by all mayoral candidates at Ipswich were being "actively monitored".

Only councillors Antoniolli and Cr Paul Tully declared significant amounts of money for the by-election with Cr Tully declaring more than $18,000 in donations on Election Day.