The Burnett region was left without power after substation damage. Photo: Cody Fox
The Burnett region was left without power after substation damage. Photo: Cody Fox

Electrical upgrade powers down 20,000 Burnett homes

A MASSIVE unplanned outage, which left the Burnett region without power this morning, was triggered by electrical work in Kingaroy.

According to an Ergon spokesman, the Ergon Energy Network and Energex were carrying out work on a substation in the Kingaroy area to “increase the network capacity for future large scale solar generation and improved network reliability”.

The outage was caused when safety protection equipment was activated, causing 21 000 people in the Burnett region to lose power for about an hour, starting from 10.20am.

About 600 customers in the Nanango area had their power restored at around 11am and the remainder around Kingaroy had their power restored at about 11.20.

Impacted areas included Alice Creek, Allies Creek, Anduramba, Ballogie, Benair, Benarkin, Benarkin North, Bilboa, Blackbutt, Blackbutt North, Blackbutt South, Booie, Boondooma, Boyneside, Brooklands, Bullcamp, Cadarga, Chahpingah, Charlestown, Coolabunia, Cooyar, Corndale, Crawford, Cushnie, Durong, Durong South, East Cooyar, Edenvale, Ellesmere, Emu Creek, Gilla, Glan Devon, Goodger, Googa Creek, Gordonbrook, Haly Creek, Inverlaw, Ironpot, Jarail Creek, Kingaroy, Kooralgin, Kragra, Kumbia, Kunioon, Maidenwell, Mannuem, Memerambi, Monogorilby, Mount Binga, Mount Morgan, Mundubbera, Nanango, Neumgna, Nutgrove, Pimpimbudgee, Proston, Runnymede, Sandy Ridges, South East Nanango, South Nanango, Taabinga, Tablelands, Taromeo, Tarong, Teelah, Tingoora, Upper Yarraman, Wattle Camp, Wengenville, Wilkesdale, Wondai, Wooroolin, Wutul, Yarraman