Floodwaters around the Edward Street weir.
Floodwaters around the Edward Street weir. Ebony Graveur

Emergency services stuck during storm rescue

EMERGENCY services rescuing the drivers from two vehicles reported to have been submerged in flooding on Dalby-Cecil Plains Road became stuck during the rescue.

A Queensland Police Service Spokesman said the creek had risen and that water had submerged the road.

"Our guys had all gone in there and the water had risen to a point where they've all become stuck as well," the QPS spokesman said.

"They were there with all the other emergency services and they were able to sit there and wait for the creek to go down a little bit and then they were able to drive out."

The drivers of a ute and a sedan were able to free themselves from their vehicles but awaited emergency services at around 8.45pm, following heavy rainfall and flash flooding last night.

In what meteorologists are referring to as a once in 120 years event, the area between Dalby and Cecil Plains reportedly received 267ml of rainfall since 9am yesterday.

"The average recurrence interval is the scientific measure of how often you'd expect rainfall like that," BOM meteorologist David Crock said.

"This is a one in 100, one in 120 year event. I'm not sure of the exact number but it's basically a less than 1% chance of this occurring in a given year," he said.