RUN CLUB: The Kingaroy Go Getter Girls meet three times a week and run in their trademark bright pink. (Picture: Tristan Evert)
RUN CLUB: The Kingaroy Go Getter Girls meet three times a week and run in their trademark bright pink. (Picture: Tristan Evert)

Empowering women through running

IF YOU wake up early and drive through Kingaroy you will see a group of ladies running through town in their trademark fluorescent pink.

They meet three times a week and rain, hail or shine, have running circuits to suit all weather conditions.

They are known as the Kingaroy Go Getta Girls running group and they have been empowering women through running for 14 years.

One of the club's original members Donna Clarke said the group has been very successful in promoting an active and healthy lifestyle for women.

"The club formed in 2006 as a distant running group for women over 18 and we have had a lot of members over the years," Clarke said.

"The initial person who founded the group was Colleen Gunn, who started by offering to teach ladies how to run.

"We have four level two recreational running coaches that offer beginner running classes for anyone who wants to get involved."

The Go Getta Girls meet at their club house in Memorial Park at 5:30am three days a week and set courses based on events the group are training for.

Clarke said the group's core values are positivity, inclusivity, respect and teamwork.

"We have 30-40 members that meet every week and a lot of them go for coffee after," Clarke said.

"It's not just great for our physical health but it's also great for our mental health.

"Our members range in age and ability levels so the club strives to be inclusive for everyone."

In the club's early days, they had upwards of 50 members and taught a number of ladies form the region how to run.

Ros Heit is another dedicated Go Getta Girl who is training for the London Marathon in April.

Heit, who is a regular at the Wondai Park Run, said having a group to train with makes running so enjoyable.

"I will be heading over to London in April to compete in my first marathon with my son who lives over there," Heit said.

"There is a great community of runners in the South Burnett and the Go Getta Girls are a great supportive network.

"Depending on what ladies are training for the runs are modified, for example because I am training for a Marathon I will usually get down early and get a run in before we start to make up the extra distance."

The Go Getta Girls love celebrating milestones and have an honour board in the club house with the names of all the runners who have completed half and full marathons.

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