Horse riding.
Horse riding.

Equestrians: ‘If in doubt, don’t do it’

IN a fast-changing world with rules and advice being handed out left, right and centre to stop the spread of coronavirus, equestrians have one question. Can they still ride?

Public health orders from the NSW government advise people to stay at home except for reasonable excuses, leaving many people unsure of what they can or can’t do.

For equestrians, riding is an essential part of their horse’s fitness and their own.

Member for Coffs Harbour, Gurmesh Singh has advised using common sense when making the decision to ride, whether it’s from the property or by floating to a different location.

“Under the current guidelines, people can leave their homes to exercise but must continue to social distance.

“If in doubt, don’t do it.

The group limitations of two people, unless from the same household, still apply until further notice from the NSW Government.

If you’re tempted to head out for a ride, there are several thoughts to be taken into consideration during this time.

Is your horse safe when riding alone? Will you be able to uphold current social distancing measures of 1.5m if riding with someone else? Is the place you choose to ride not in a crowded area?

“The reasonable excuses to leave the house are designed to make sure we still have some resemblance of normality during this chaos while still protecting ourselves from coronavirus.”

To see the full list of reasonable excuses for leaving home, click visit

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