Lynnsay Fryer is organising a bike rally in Wooroolin and he's keen to spread the word.
Lynnsay Fryer is organising a bike rally in Wooroolin and he's keen to spread the word. Michael Nolan

Event expecting 1000 bikers

IN TOUGH times it is important we help out our mates and that is exactly what one local motorbike rider has done.

Lynnsay Fryer from Big Bike Tours in Wooroolin is the organiser of the Bikers 4 Farmers event to be held at the Kingaroy Showgrounds on Saturday, September 15, from 8am-4pm.

The event is raising funds for the Salvation Army to help drought affected farmers and their families.

"Donating money to drought affected towns means the money can be spent in the town and that keeps businesses alive.”

Mr Fryer said it was hard to know exactly how many bikes would turn up tomorrow but he was hoping for 1000 riders.

"It's hard to know exactly how many riders will show up, that's the $64,000 question,” he said.

"There are over 700 who said they were attending on the Facebook page.”

Mr Fryer said there was sure to be some extraordinary motorbikes on display at the event.

"Especially mine, I've got the most amazing bike,” he joked.

Mayor Keith Campbell will be at the event to conduct the official welcome and he confirmed there was absolutely no truth to the rumour he would be travelling into the event on one of the bikes.

"No, that definitely won't be happening, I might go as a pillion with someone,” Cr Campbell said.

"I just hope they are fully insured.”

Cr Campbell said he was excited about the event and it was great to be a part of such a worthy cause.

"All these motorbike riders coming together for such a great thing, each one donating $10 means a significant amount for those in need,” he said.

Mr Fryer said he could accommodate the mayor if he was after a quick thrill.

"We might be able to get him on one of the three-wheelers so he'd better bring his helmet,” he joked.

A former police officer, Mr Fryer said it was very important the different groups looked after each other in hard times.

"The biker family has the same cohesion and good will that the farmer family has,” he said.

"In these tough times it's important to look after your mate.”

The Bikers 4 Farmers event is aiming for 1000 bikes at the meet and Mr Fryer encouraged all members of the public to come along and enjoy the festivities and all the bikes.

"Come out and see all the different bikes, as well as the monthly markets,” he said.