TRADIES HEALTH: Exercise is important when maintaining fitness for work.
TRADIES HEALTH: Exercise is important when maintaining fitness for work. PIKSEL

Exercises to help a tradie's on-the-job endurance

BEING strong and having endurance is important for a trades worker.

Because of this, it's also important that you are at a certain fitness level to be able to efficiently manage your tasks at work.

According to Exercise Right, the strength of a tradie comes from their core, as stronger muscles can equate to stronger joints that provide better function and movement.

Exercise Right advises tradies should include crunches, planking and V-sits into their fitness routines.

Once your core is engaged, it's also important to strengthen up your general endurance levels to avoid aches and pains later in life.

You can help raise your endurance levels with circuit workouts that have a mix of both cardio and strength activities to keep you going.

For some circuit training advice, you can visit local gyms or personal trainers for the best course of action for you.

Otherwise, there are many exercises on online platforms including YouTube to help you build up your endurance.

When considering the work-related physical strains you might need to overcome, exercise Right states that knees, shoulders, elbows and wrists are common are common stress points from years on the job.

Because these can become tender areas after they've been strained, if you already are feeling some injury building, it's important to see a doctor or physio to professionally help you with the problem at hand, rather than try to exercise them yourself.