A Murgon St Joseph's prep student learns in the classroom.
A Murgon St Joseph's prep student learns in the classroom. St Joseph's Murgon

Expanding horizons for St Joseph's students

ST JOSEPH'S Catholic Primary School Murgon teachers are gathering books to expand the horizons of their students this Catholic Education Week.

Principal Tracey Gerrard said the school would focus on the week's theme, Discovering New Horizons, by reading a story each morning.

Teachers will ask the students what discoveries could be made to expand their horizons each time they read a new story.

Year 3 students started the week by leading the school's assembly and sharing about the importance of Catholic education yesterday.

They shared what they thought the importances of Catholic education was, and the differences between catholic and state education, she said.

Students around the school will participate in various activities during the week.

"Rotational activities that showcase our values on how to be good friends and how to follow in the footsteps of Jesus,” Mrs Gerrard said.

Year 4 to 6 students will complete a writing task this week about what it means to them to be a student in a Catholic school and what some of their values are.

"They're writing a piece about what it is they can discover in their education to help with their future,” she said.

The younger students will be doing colouring-in activities about Catholic Education Week and looking at what kinds of symbols you would find in a Catholic school.

Awards will be handed out during the week to students who display the values of the school's faith.

Teachers and students are looking forward to their Catholic Education Week celebration on Friday where they will share a cake after a small prayer.

"Catholic education is faith based, and more values based,” Mrs Gerrard said.

The school focuses on values such as the importance of looking after those in the community and helping those less fortunate.

The students recently participated in a pyjama day to raise funds.

"They raised money to send to the Catholic mission to help those homeless people, who were less fortunate than us,” Mrs Gerrard said.

The school aims to be inclusive, engaging students in real-life learning in contemporary classrooms, to cater to all learning styles.

"You've got to give them their new horizon to reach where they want to go,”

Mrs Gerrard said.