Wondai pool manager Adrian Niemann says all of the upgrades at the pool are a good sign.
Wondai pool manager Adrian Niemann says all of the upgrades at the pool are a good sign. Jessica McGrath

EXPLAINED: The future of Wondai Memorial Pool

WONDAI Memorial Pool manager Adrian Niemann says all concerns about the pool's future can be put to rest.

With a new roof installed at the Wondai centre over the past week, the big repairs were a good sign since the money was being poured back into the pool, he said.

"At the moment, we've put new depth markers in, fixed up the ending joints and put a new roof on, which is good, it's a good sign,” Mr Niemann said.

"The council has been really good to this pool, over the last couple of seasons we've had lots of repairs, so I can't see it being closed in the immediate future.”

It was comforting to have received the strong community support when the council's draft sport and recreation infrastructure and strategic plan was released, he said.

"Having the community behind the pool is great, it just goes to show you how strong the Wondai community is, and how they like to keep all of their assets,” he said.

The draft had never said it was closing the pools, but recommended investigating what major repairs the pools needed over the next three to five years, Mr Niemann said.

There are possibly many hidden repairs the 54-year-old pool needs, so the plan is warranted, he said.

"Over the last 10 years, there's been two major floods and the tail end of a major drought, you don't know what's happened to the pipe work underneath at the pool, an investigation is well and truly warranted,” Mr Niemann said.

Over the past couple of years the council has completed many repairs at the pool, investing in its future, he said.

"Every winter they have done something over the last three seasons I've been here, it's a continuous process and you just do what you can each winter,” Mr Niemann said.

Recent Wondai Pool repairs:

Winter 2018:

New roof, depth markers and floodlights

Repairs to expansion markers

Summer 2018:

New pool hoist

Winter 2017:

Pool site and buildings were painted

Winter 2016:

New non-slip tiles around the top of the pool

New touch pads to meet swimming requirements