A CHILLY morning on the Sunshine Coast. Mooloolaba Beach at 8am.
A CHILLY morning on the Sunshine Coast. Mooloolaba Beach at 8am. John McCutcheon

'Extraordinary' winter heatwave to sweep Sunshine Coast

TEMPERATURES in Maroochydore fell to just three degrees this morning but a winter heatwave is on the way with the Bureau of Meteorology predicting extraordinary conditions by the weekend.

Maroochydore this morning dropped from 4.8 degrees with and apparent temperature of 1.3 at 5.30am to three degrees at 5.50am, only struggling back to 4.2 with an apparent temperature of 0.9 degrees at 6.30am.

Even by 7.30am the coast was still at 9.3 degrees with an apparent temperature of 6.4 degrees as children headed for school and their parents to work.

It will be cold again Thursday morning but from there the region will rocket straight into summer with Nambour predicted to hit a 29 degree maximum - seven above normal - on Saturday and Maroochydore 28 degrees.

Hot day time conditions will persist well into next week with Nambour still at a 28 degree maximum on Tuesday and Maroochydore at 28 degrees.

The abnormally hot day time maximums are well above the August 22.1 degree average peak and comes at what is normally the coldest week of the pre-spring month.

And, after heavy falls in some places last weekend, the BOM is predicting the ongoing dry weather will continue well into next week with no clear signs of rain.

It will hit a 23 degree peak today on what is a sunny day with light winds.

Conditions will again be cold overnight and again could be considerably below the forecast eight degree minimum ahead of a day that will hit 24 with sunny conditions and light winds early turning north north east in the early afternoon and reaching up to 20 kmh.

Friday will see the day time maximum jump to 27 degrees at Maroochydore on another sunny day with winds from the north west tending north east and reaching 20kmh in the afternoon before dropping out.

Conditions will be sunny with light winds across the weekend as maximums hit 28 degrees on the coast and 29 degrees in Nambour before easing to 26 degrees Monday with an east south east breeze to 20kmh kicking in.

Forecaster David Crock said while there was frost in the Sunshine Coast hinterland overnight into Wednesday August was shaping to be much warmer than the monthly average.

He said only a week into the month it remained uncertain whether rainfall would fall short of the August average, although on current conditions it looked as though the region was facing another dry month.