"My partner is trying to kill me,'' woman tells police

A GYMPIE magistrate has reprimanded a woman who accompanied her partner to the bar table of Gympie Magistrates Court this week and tried to dissuade him from pleading guilty to a domestic violence breach on January 27.

Neither can be named for legal reasons, but the court was told the incident occurred in the context of a couple suffering the shared stresses of a severe and disabling form of pre-menstrual tension.

The condition, known as premenstrual dysphoric disorder, had been identified with symptoms including intense anxiety and depression, the court was told.

Magistrate Ross Woodford told the woman she was not allowed at the bar table.

The court was told the Monkland man, 53, had punched the couple's bedroom door, causing damage. The woman had called police, saying she feared for her life .

"My partner is trying to kill me and has put holes in the door," she told police, according to prosecution submissions.

They had been together for eight years and had both been drinking at the time.

"She has been diagnosed with PMDD and it's been very hard for me as her partner and carer," the man said, as his parents and the woman sat in the public gallery to support him.

The police prosecutor said a problem with the woman's presence was that it might be a sign of intimidation rather than support.

"I did hit the door," the man said, adding that he had no intention of hurting his partner.

He was fined $300, with no conviction recorded.

In other domestic violence matters before the court, a Curra man, 50, was fined $500 for an intimidating but non-violent breach of a police protection order, issued less than one hour earlier on July 24.

And a third man, from Imbil, was jailed for a non-threatening contact breach, after Mr Woodford took into account a poor history, including 11 DVO breaches, as well as breaches of other court orders, including breaching the conditions of community service orders and suspended sentences.

His parole release date is August 31.