Facebook should shut down Blokes Advice for advocating rape

WARNING: Graphic Content

"I LIKE to wait til they're asleep, slam it in and when they wake up screaming what the f**k I'm doing, I say well I asked u didn't say no. (sic)"

"There's a new after shave called chloroform. You'd be amazed at what she'll do wo when she smells that. She'll be amazed to, when she wakes up. (sic)"

"Give the #### a roofy."

"Roofies mate, then f### her unconscious."

WHAT would you do if you heard a bunch of blokes talking like this at your local pub, in the gym, at work or on the footy field?

I reckon you would be pretty pissed off and you'd probably want the management to give them the boot.

And if the management did not act, you might ask yourself: "Why does this organisation put potential rapists before the safety and wellbeing of women?"

That's the question we should be asking the operators of Blokes Advice and Facebook.


Almost 12 months ago, I successfully petitioned the social media giant to close down Blokes Advice because its members were encouraging others to rape and bash women.

Within weeks though, the page returned, bigger, stronger and uglier than ever.

It has the same logo, the same disgusting sexist content, is controlled by the same people and is run by the same admins.

The only thing different about it is the fact that it is no longer a "closed group", instead the admins have made it "secret" so it's impossible to report it to Facebook unless you're a member.


This morning I was sent screenshots of the latest comment thread on the page and to say I was disturbed by the material is an understatement.

It all starts with a guy complaining that his partner does not have the same sex drive as him and he wants to know how to change that.

Yes, it's the kind of question you'd expect in a forum that has hundreds of thousands of male members but the answers he received are the type that might usually be heard in the sex offender section of a prison.

Instead of discussing the man's concerns in an honest and supportive way, the page's followers served up a shocking and appallingly brutal guide to raping women.

In the past, the Blokes Advice operators have justified sexist and abusive material by saying it's only a small group of men who made the comments, that it was just "dark humour" and women shouldn't be so sensitive.

They have also said that comments like these slip through the page's gatekeepers; that the organisation has supported thousands of men through marriage breakdowns, domestic violence and suicide attempts; and that it has raised thousands of dollars for sick kids.

Let's be totally honest - these comments are not dark humour. They are inciting sexual assault.

As a rape survivor, I can tell you this subject is not funny.

Australia has one of the highest levels of reported rapes in the world and that is why there is no place for these types of "jokes" in our society.

Research shows that 17% of Australian women and 4% of Aussie men experience a form of sexual violence in their lifetime.

With 93% of sexual abusers being male, it's imperative that we move away from the idea that sexual violence is something to be laughed at.

Every time you attempt to turn rape into a joke, you contribute to rape culture, you glorify abuse and violence and you legitimise men overpowering women for their own sexual gratification. In other words - you normalise the abnormal.

Blokes Advice's owners will no doubt argue that shutting down their page will see a lot of men suffer because they will lose a support base.

Wake up and smell the coffee guys. If you can find your way into Blokes Advice you can find your way into legitimate respectable support organisations such as MensLine, BeyondBlue, your local men's shed, Lifeline and countless others.

An organisation's "good" work does not cancel out the bad things it does or allows. It's like saying a rapist is a good person because he donated money or counselled a dad in distress. You can't be both - a good man doesn't rape, a good man doesn't joke about rape, a good man stands up and calls this behaviour out and a good man makes sure his organisation does not support, promote or publish sexist demeaning abusive material.

Good organisations and people never incite, and support, violence against women (or anyone else).

For 24-hour support phone Queensland's DVConnect on 1800 811 811 or MensLine on 1800 600 636, NSW's Domestic Violence Line on 1800 656 463 or the national hotline 1800RESPECT (1800 737 732).