Suffolk Park woman Rachael Ropata has gifted her $3000 Simonelli Bridal Couture dress to one very deserving Lismore woman.
Suffolk Park woman Rachael Ropata has gifted her $3000 Simonelli Bridal Couture dress to one very deserving Lismore woman. Samantha Poate

$3000 wedding dress gives fairy tale ending for one bride

IT'S a real life Cinderella story for one Lismore woman chosen to be gifted a $3000 Simonelli Bridal Couture dress.

The dress was given to the bride-to-be by Byron Bay woman, Rachael Ropata, who received the dress in the same manner a year ago by a Gold Coast woman.

Ms Ropata told The Northern Star earlier this month she wanted to pass on the dress to someone else who needed it more than she did.

The 25-year-old dress recipient has been with her partner since she was 16 years old and said they cannot wait to walk down the aisle in September this year.

"Cinderella is my favourite Disney princess, all I've dreamt about is getting married, finding that special someone, having a family and all the rest of it," she said.

"To actually have that start to happen it's incredible."

Rachael Ropata wants to pass on the
Rachael Ropata passed on the gorgeous $3000 Simonelli Bridal Couture dress to a very deserving Lismore woman. Samantha Poate

Her fairy godmother, Rachael Ropata, said out of the 127 messages she received on Facebook, this particular woman was an easy choice.

"About 60 of them were genuine, a lot them were people saying that what I was doing was cool, which was great and a few dodgy ones," Ms Ropata said.

"I got together with a few girlfriends and shared some messages and that but once I had read this message it made the hairs on my arms stand up."

"I felt like she was the one."

Tears were shed by both Ms Ropata and the soon bride-to-be in the Suffolk Park living room as the fairytale became a reality right in front of their eyes.

"Just seeing her in the dress, it was absolutely perfect," Ms Ropata said.

The young woman said she was still shaky as she couldn't believe this was all happening to her.

"I saw it in the newspaper at work, we were all sort of sitting down having lunch and I was flicking through and I was like oh my gosh, perfect opportunity to see what would happen, what I could get out of it," she said.

"It's an absolutely stunning dress, it's the first one I've ever tried on and it just fit perfect."

Ms Ropata said she was extremely happy about the way it all turned out.

For those brides-to-be that missed out, not to worry. The recipient of this gorgeous dress said she will definitely continue the tradition once she is married herself later in the year.