Fake lawyer fined $1000

A WOMAN who interrupted police claiming she was a lawyer has been fined for drug and bail offences.

Claudia Samira Ramzy, 29, pleaded guilty at the Ipswich Magistrates Court on Friday to possessing property suspected of being used in a drug offence, three counts of possessing dangerous drugs and four bail offences.

The court heard that in February police were talking to two men on an unrelated matter when they were approached by Ramzy.

She told the police she was a lawyer representing one of the men. However, as the conversation continued police became suspicious she was affected by drugs. They searched Ramzy and found two grams of a substance the police believed was amphetamines, three pills of dioxymethyl amphetamine hidden inside jewellery and an amount of cannabis in the bottom of her bag.

Ramzy told the police at the time she wore the jewellery containing the pills all the time. The police search also found scales inside the bag.

The court heard Ramzy had studied law for three years before dropping out of university. According to her lawyer, Ramzy had become involved with a man involved in drugs, had ceased her studies and started heavily using drugs.

She appeared in the dock, having spent four days in custody.

The court heard she was refused bail because she couldn't provide an address for her to be bailed to.

Ramzy was fined $1000 for the offences. The drugs and utensils were forfeited to police for destruction.