Police at the accident scene on Ingham road.
Police at the accident scene on Ingham road. Zak Simmonds

Family ‘broken’ by workplace death

A DEVASTATED family has lost a husband, father and grandfather following the tragic death of Tony Schultze at the Humes work site.

Mr Schultze was crushed by a 17-tonne concrete pylon on Thursday morning, with investigations still ongoing into how it was able to happen.

He is being remembered as a "great man" and loving family man, a grandfather of seven with another on the way.

Wife Narelle took to social media to express the loss of her husband and the pain she felt.

Tony Schultze was tragically killed in a workplace accident at Humes.
Tony Schultze was tragically killed in a workplace accident at Humes. Supplied

"I lost my best friend. The love of my life. I am broken," she posted.

"He loved his family above all else. No man should go to work and not come home.

"Nothing can take away the pain.

"You know how much we loved you. Forever in my heart."

Mrs Schultze told the Bulletin she did not want her husband remembered as just another workplace death but a man who loved his family and life.

"The most important thing is that Tony is not a statistic, he's a real person and the actual face of the tragedy that has occurred," Mrs Schultze said.

"He was passionate about workplace safety and still an accident occurred.

"He was loved by man and will be missed from here on."

Training Personnel Australia (TPA) owner Mick Whittle posted a heartfelt statement on the company's Facebook page.

"We farewell a good friend, a mentor, a student, a great man," he posted.

"Saying goodbye to one of the most genuine people we have been graced by is by far the hardest thing we have ever had to do.

"To his friends, workmates, wonderful wife and family, words cannot express our condolences to you and we wish with all our might we could take that pain away.

"Today we salute Tony, a man taken long before his time was due, a man who will never be forgotten.

"Rest in peace, our good mate."

Mr Whittle said Mr Schultze was a hard worker, "a visionary" and mentor for people in the construction industry.

"Tony was a fundamental part of TPA's creation as he has been part of our family for many years prior," he said.

"He mentored us through our design, gave us ideas, supported us through the good and bad times of early business life. Tony even had a major part in the setup of our new site in Townsville. He was a visionary."