MULTIPLE OFFENCES: Jimi Riddle pleaded guilty to all seven charges in Kingaroy Magistrates Court on Monday, September 30.
MULTIPLE OFFENCES: Jimi Riddle pleaded guilty to all seven charges in Kingaroy Magistrates Court on Monday, September 30.

Family heirloom lands man in court on weapons charge

"AS I HAVE said to you before, if you continue to break the law you will put yourself at risk of going to jail."

Those are the words Magistrate Louise Pink said to Jimi Riddle, 20, as he left the Kingaroy Magistrates courtroom.

Riddle pleaded guilty to seven charges, including the possession of a dangerous weapon, when he faced the magistrate on Monday.

Defence lawyer Chris Campbell said his client had landed before the court after inheriting a family heirloom.

"The height of the offending is the firearm," Mr Campbell said.

"It was owned by his grandfather since he was 16 years of age and was passed down to his father.

"Unfortunately it was passed on to my client who does not have a licence."

Mr Campbell said the defendant had started the process of applying for a firearm licence but would have some difficulties because of a previous violent offence.

On June 17, Mr Riddle was handed a six-month suspended sentence after an assault occasioning bodily harm charge.

Ms Pink said it seemed that for whatever reasons, Riddle was living his life in a way that was headed deeper and deeper into the criminal justice system as it was his 10th charge to be sentenced before the court.

"You have to comply with the law and live as a law-abiding citizen," she said.

"Otherwise, if you continue to commit offences at this rate, fairly soon you will be at the point where court will deprive you of your freedom."

Police prosecutor Pepe Gangemi said after a search warrant at a Kingaroy property, they found Riddle in possession of six grams of marijuana, a laser pointer, seven packets of Endep and seven tablets of Ritalin.

The court heard the defendant had found full-time employment in the South Burnett from 7am to 5pm from Mondays to Fridays.

Ms Pink convicted and fined the defendant $400 for the possession of the shotgun.

She also ordered the forfeiture of the parts of the firearm to the crown, unless they were acquired by a licensed firearm holder within three months.

Riddle was convicted and fined $900 for all of the other six charges: possession of a dangerous drug, possessing restricted items, not having authority required to possess explosives, possessing utensils or pipes that had been used, and two counts of not being endorsed to possess restricted drugs.

Convictions were recorded.