CONTINUING HIS LEGACY: Kathy Duff pictured with her late dad, Mick, at Boondooma Homestead in 2016.
CONTINUING HIS LEGACY: Kathy Duff pictured with her late dad, Mick, at Boondooma Homestead in 2016. Keagan Elder

Family to continue their father's proud legacy

IT WOULD be hard to find a business owner in the South Burnett who doesn't know Mick Duff.

The man who grew up in the South Burnett and raised his family in the region has been honoured for his contribution to the community.

"He is a pioneer of this district for our family and he has left a legacy of 87 years for Boondooma, Proston and the South Burnett," Mick's daughter and South Burnett councillor Kathy Duff said.

Mick passed away at 87-years-old on February 27 and was remembered at his funeral at St John the Baptist Catholic Church in Wondai on March 4.

"We are overwhelmed by the continuous support. It is a tough time for our family and we have to adjust and move on," Kathy said.

"We have got a very strong Christian faith and that has kept our family together and strong."

Mick was a traditional and proud South Burnett man who believed in using horses rather than motorbikes on the family's station at Boondooma.

Kathy is one Mick's five children who will continue his legacy on the land and look to live life as he did.

"He inspired our family and many people by hooking in, having a great attitude and living life to the fullest," Kathy said.

"He had a tough life, life on the land is always challenging, but it didn't matter what life threw at him he put his best foot forward."

The Duff family has a long history as councillors in the region with Kathy's brother, grand father and great grandfather all holding a position.

"Dad loved the fact I was a councillor and could help the community, he was very proud of that," Kathy said.

Mick was a key part to the annual Proston Show and Kathy said that while this weekend's event will be difficult for the family without him they will be there to make him proud.

"It will be tough for us but we are going to keep on doing what we need to do to continue for the community and continue his legacy and that is what dad will be proud of," she said.