Rob Kiely is packing up and moving on. But first he needs to sell all his farm equipment.
Rob Kiely is packing up and moving on. But first he needs to sell all his farm equipment. Jessica McGrath

Farmer's brush with death promotes a big life change

TABLELANDS cattleman Rob Keily is packing up and moving on.

To make the job easier he's running a clearing sale until all his farm equipment is sold.

Mr Keily said there was plenty of gear on site and most of was is good working order

"It's just old farm equipment and gear from the house," he said.

"We're selling the washing machine, the fridge is going, and plenty of furniture

"There's a quad bike, ride on mower, slasher, post hole diggers. There's shovels mattocks,

"There's chainsaw, there's bits for electric fences, there's poly pipe, plain wire, barbed wide, new lengths of RHS steel, all brand spanking new.

"Basically a life time of accumulation is up for sale," he said.

Mr Keily made the decision to sell his farm after he was stuck by serious health complications late last year.

"I'm supposed to be dead," he said.

"I've all sort of problem, triple bypass and helicopters rides"

"I laid on my death bed for three days but then I got into a blue with the grim reaper, I said I 'd punch his lights out so he left me alone."

With a new lease on live and the money from farm's sale Mr Keily and his wife will hit the road and enjoy their freedom.

"I have a big mobile home in my driveway and I'm going to go gold prospecting.

"I'm considered pretty good at finding bits of water with sticks, I can find water so I reckon I can find gold.

Mr Keily said both tasks require one important skill.

"It's a lot of walking with your fingers crossed."

He also wants to spend more time with his family.

"I want make a couple of old fashion timber fishing boats so I can take my grandson fishing," he said.

"But we have to get out her first and the settlement is in June.

Rob Keily's clearing sale will run from May 25 until everything is sold.

You can find him at 65 Levers Rd, Tablelands. Phone 0438 250 244 for more details.