Carissa Sempf won Fashions on the Field at the Wondai Races.
Carissa Sempf won Fashions on the Field at the Wondai Races. Elaelah Harley

Fashion competition brings safari fun to Wondai Races

IT JUST wouldn't be the Wondai Races without a fashion competition.

Fun-loving fashionistas were excited to show off their style at the Wondai Races on Saturday, January 19.

For the Fashions on the Field competition, contestants gathered to display what the South Burnett has to offer, while matching the theme Summer Safari.

Councillor Kathy Duff had the honour of commentating the spectacle, saying it's something she looks forward to.

"I love doing the commentary, talking to the people and saying a few funny things about their outfits, I really think it adds to the day," she said.

Cr Duff and the judging panel had a specific theme they were looking for during the competition.

"The theme is summer safari, so we were looking for people who are dressed for the hot weather and with a bit of that jungle-look, too. I think the judges did an awesome job picking out the winners," she said.

"We chose the theme because we knew it was going to be very hot in January, and it has turned out a very hot day, but it's really turned out to be such a great crowd."


Cr Duff said many dressed up for the occasion.

"We always put the theme in our advertising, but people are really starting to look for it and more and more people are making the effort to match it," she said.

"I'm amazed at how many people tried hard to match the jungle and safari look. There are safari hats, leopard skin, all sorts of ideas."

The winners of both male and female categories embodied the theme, contrasting dark and light tones.

The winner of the women's category was Carissa Sempf, who wore a chick black dress and hat with leopard detailing.

Meanwhile, the men's category winner Joshua Emmett also dressed in a black dress-shirt, contrasting it with a golden tie.


Joshua Emmett and Sofie Tomlinson at the Wondai Races
Joshua Emmett and Sofie Tomlinson at the Wondai Races. Elaelah Harley

If you missed it, you can check out the rest of the contestants down below: