IN FORM: Jesse Button with the ball for the Hornets at the Murgon Nines.
IN FORM: Jesse Button with the ball for the Hornets at the Murgon Nines. Claudia Williams

Fast format plays in Cherbourg's favour

SUCCESS in rugby league nines relies on having speed on the field at all times.

With quick feet on their side the modified game was made for the Cherbourg Hornets according to Kingaroy Red Ants coach Ryan Sullivan.

"I think it suits our style of play and gives a lot more room for the players to move,” Cherbourg Hornets president Warren Collins said.

The Red Ants met the Hornets in the grand final of the nines tournament in Murgon on Saturday as part of the Murgon Mustangs domestic violence awareness round.

In extra time the Hornets held up the Red Ants on the try line.

The Hornets then capitalised on having possession kicking a field goal to win 9-8 claim the shield.

"We were disappointed to lose in extra time,” Sullivan said.

"Our boys thought you had to score a try not a field goal but we had our chance.”

Sullivan said the team went into Saturday's competition with no expectations but played quality football.

"I thought our defence was very strong and our communication, every player did their best,” he said.

"It is usually hard to get the boys to play footy during the season but it was a good day and it is good to see footy like that happening again.”

The home side was absent from the final after losing two games.

It was a disappointing result for Murgon Mustangs coach Paul Brunjes.

"We made too many mistakes and you can't afford to do that in nine's because it is over too quickly,” he said.

"It is always good and something different but it is a disappointing to perform like that at home.”

Brunjes said not adapting to a different style of play for the shorter format was the team's shortfall.

"We didn't throw it around enough in the first game against Kingaroy and should have gone on the outside instead of through the middle,” he said.