FATHER AND SON: Dylan and his dad Brian at the Proston Car Rally.
FATHER AND SON: Dylan and his dad Brian at the Proston Car Rally. Matt Collins

Father and son bond over burnouts

MOTOR SPORTS Dylan and Brian Robinson are strengthening their father and son bond over burning rubber and revving engines.

The father and son from Gracemere were in Proston on the weekend for the Proston Car rally meet.

By the time they had arrived in Proston for the burnout event they had already destroyed five sets of tyres.

"We were coming here and we heard Bundy (Bundaberg) was on the night before so we thought why not go and smash some tyres,” Dylan said.

"We didn't come here to lick stamps.”

The car lover said it was great to have something he could enjoy doing with his dad.

"I got my old boy beside me just screaming, we just do it for the fun,” he said.

Robinson said the key to a good burnout was all about the smoke.

"You need to get instant smoke and constant smoke,” he said.

"Driver control and full use of the (burnout) pad is also important.”

At the end of the day, the key to a good burnout was keeping a clear mind.

"If you go out there and think about it too much you will stuff up,” Robinson said.

Prior to the event, each burnout competitor had their vehicles checked over by officials to make sure everything was above board.

"They are looking to make sure things like seat belts are secure and you have helmets,” Robinson said.

"Some drivers have been known to illegally put weights in their tyres.

"This is dangerous because they can fly off into the crowd.”

These safety procedures were extremely important given some of the speeds the participants can get up to.

"On a big pad, you can get up to 80 to 100 clicks (km/h) immediately,” Robinson said.

"It can be hard to control the vehicle at that sort of speed.

"You have to know your car.”

The father and son pair wowed the huge burnout crowd with their fine display of controlled figure-8s and large smoke storm.

One Proston Car Rally official was impressed, turning to a friend and commenting, "That's how you do a burnout”.