South Burnett residents will cast their vote for the 2019 federal election on Saturday.
South Burnett residents will cast their vote for the 2019 federal election on Saturday.

Federal election 2019: South Burnett MPs retain seats


THE South Burnett seats of Maranoa, Wide Bay and Flynn are all set to retain their LNP incumbents.

As the votes continue to roll in on election night, David Littleproud, Llew O'Brien and Ken O'Dowd are adding to the sea of blue that makes up the Queensland map.

Labor was tipped to romp home with a convincing win, but many of the cards aren't falling as polls suggested they would.

Scrutineers are busily counting votes to determine whether Scott Morrison or Bill Shorten will be the next prime minister.

And with a record 4.76 million pre-poll votes cast early, the outcome may not be known tonight.

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IT'S been just over an hour since polling booths closed across the South Burnett, and Maranoa and Wide Bay look set to remain as LNP seats.

Ken O'Dowd's seat of Flynn remains in doubt, with two-party preferred figures indicating a margin of just 9.4 per cent between the LNP and the Labor Party's Zac Beers.

After just 20.8 per cent of the votes were counted, incumbent David Littleproud looks set to retain his Maranoa seat, having nabbed 71.93 per cent (12,329 votes).

One Nation's Rosemary Moulden was Littleproud's closest adversary, having snatched 3295 of the votes counted so far.

Wide Bay incumbent Llew O'Brien looks set to retain his seat after just 17.8 per cent of votes have been counted. 

Two-party preferred figures indicate 64.11 per cent to the LNP, and 35.89 per cent to Jason Scanes of the Labor Party. 

Maranoa Flynn Wide Bay


AFTER five long weeks, election day is finally upon us.

Soon we'll know whether Scott Morrison and the LNP have clung to power, or if the winds of change are set to sweep through Canberra in the shape of Bill Shorten's Labor Party.

The make-up of the Senate will also be fascinating, with many minor parties and Independent candidates vying for the coveted seats.

We'll keep you updated on all things election, so stay tuned to this story for all the latest as we provide rolling coverage and give you the results as they come in tonight.