Final entries for Ipswich's Cutest Bub 2020
Final entries for Ipswich's Cutest Bub 2020 Andrew Korner

FINAL VOTE: Ipswich's Cutest Bub 2020

You've already voted for your favourite new arrivals, toddlers and miracle babies, well now it is time to pick your overall winner, as we aim to crown Ipswich's Cutest Bub.

We've heard some inspiring stories as we've called on mums and dads to send in pictures and stories about their little treasures.

Particularly moving was the survival story of little Catherine Knopf, whose parents we spoke to this week.

Catherine was born at 30 weeks, weighing only 940 grams. She spent 67 days in NICU before she could finally go home with mum and dad. 

Today, we've compiled 15 of the top vote getters from our three categories, so that you can vote for your overall favourite.

To vote, simply find the miracle bub you want to vote for and click on the blue 'vote' button. For ease of access, it is best to use the desktop site.

Remember, you can only vote once.

Voting will close on August 5 at noon, after which we will announce the winner.