Keisha Ann Jackson
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Coast mother and children killed in Glenview crash

UPDATE 10.00AM:  POLICE have officially released the names of the family in the Glenview car accident on Friday night, in which three members were killed.

As per the family's wishes, the Sunshine Coast Daily decided not to release the names of the family until they gave their approval.

Acting superintendent John Boznjak said that was given within the hour this morning.

Mother Keisha Ann Jackson, 30, died on impact when their 4WD hit a tree off Mooloolah Connection Rd.

Her 10-year-old son Ryan Jackson-Cook died at the scene, while seven-year-old daughter Joan Jackson could not be saved by emergency services.

Eathan Jackson-Cook, 11, was taken to Nambour Hospital with minor injuries and has been put in the care of relatives.
Four-year old Matilda Jackson-Cook is still in a critical condition at Royal Brisbane Hospital.


6.00AM: "I WAS covered in her blood."  

Verena Hart can't shake the image of a little girl, unconscious and unresponsive, fighting for her life after a horrific car accident.  

The girl was one of five family members inside a car that went off Mooloolah Connection Rd at Glenview on Friday night, hitting a tree and killing three of them.  

The 30-year-old woman, who was driving the late model Ford Territory 4WD, died on impact and her 10-year-old son died at the scene.  

Her seven-year-old daughter was alive when emergency services arrived but was unable to be saved.  

Her 11-year-old son was taken to Nambour General Hospital with minor injuries and has been put in the care of relatives.  

At the time of publication, the woman's four-year-old daughter continued her fight for life in Royal Brisbane Hospital, with her grandmother from Townsville by her side.  

Ms Hart, a 29-year-old aged care nurse, was on her way home to Mooloolah after being at a friend's house when she came across the crash site.  

"A boy had climbed out of the car and he was walking along Mooloolah Connection Rd and flagged down a car," she said.  

"He was covered in blood and grass and mud, he was all dazed and confused."  

Ms Hart said the little boy told another motorist who had also pulled over, and happened to be a policeman, that he had been in an accident and his mum and sister were still in the car.  

She said the road was not very well lit and they struggled to find the wreckage.  

"We only had the lights on our phones and looked in and found the mum," she said.   Ms Hart said the car was so "crumpled" they couldn't see the back seat.  

"I climbed in through the back and found the little girl hanging by her foot, she was caught in the seat belt," she said.  

Together, they gently pulled the little girl from the car and tried their best to keep her head up and breathing.  

"She stopped a few times," she said.  

"I can't get the little girl out of my head.  

"I've never seen anything like it, it was like a bomb had gone off."  

Acting Superintendent John Boznjak said police were called to the scene about 9pm.  

"It appears that speed might be a factor, we do have forensic crash officers investigating the fatality," he said.  

"There are several factors we are looking at, particularly speed, they are awaiting toxicology reports which will take some time to establish if there is anything in that regard to look at.  

"The road itself is not a road of concern, it is an 80 zone.  

"There were three children from what we understand in the rear of the vehicle, two of those children have died. It appears seatbelts could be an issue there.  

"The four-year-old was actually located in a paddock, so obviously that is a concern whether it was a seatbelt or she was sitting in a position the seatbelt was incorrect for her size."  

He said the 10-year-old boy was also thrown from the vehicle.  

All of the children are students at Kawana State School, with the youngest in Prep.