A grass fire in Booie on Sunday got within metres of a home.
A grass fire in Booie on Sunday got within metres of a home. Barclay White

Fire crews save home

LANDOWNERS in Booie are "so thankful" at the quick response from fire brigades on Sunday after a grass fire got within metres of their home.

Judy Anderson watched on in horror as a small grassfire at the edge of her property quickly turned into an inferno on Sunday afternoon.

Fortunately urban and rural brigades from Nanango, Kingaroy, Malar, Booie and Sandy Ridges brought the fire under control as the fire was about 15 metres from the house.

"I would have been down a house if they didn't get here when they did," Ms Anderson said.

Her partner Carl Small saw the small grassfire quickly threaten three properties when a fast wind and dry heat spread the flames.

"It was only a small patch and the wind caught it and it took off," he said.

"It brings tears to your eyes when things like this happen."

The fire started early afternoon and was brought under control by 3pm.

Richard Perrett, from Nanango Fire Brigade, said it was "too early to say" what caused the fire.

"It could have been several things," he said.

The fire spread to three rural residential blocks, but no homes were damaged.

Further south, three units from Taromeo brought a fire that started from a faulty lawnmower at a property in David Rd.

First Officer Les Lee said they managed to get the fire under control before any major damage.

"We had the fire contained within five minutes of arriving," Mr Lee said.

He urged landowners to not delay in calling the brigade when spotting a fire.

"If we can get to them quick we can get them out quick," he said.

Acting inspector at Kingaroy Urban Brigade Bruce Groer was expecting another dangerous few days later in the week.

"Friday and Saturday we are looking at 35 to 37 degree heat with low humidity," Mr Groer said.

"And there is not much chance of any rain (before then).

"Friday and Saturday are looking like our danger days."