\"This is what an 80 series looks like on a sounder\" an image of the sunken 4X4 was shared on Facebook. Facebook/ Aaron Hinton

Fishers hope sunken 4X4 may become dive site

A GROUP of recreational fishers has taken a 'glass half full' approach to the unfortunate sinking of a 4X4 that fell off the back of a barge on the way to Fraser Island, saying the submerged vehicle could become a prime fishing spot in just a few years.

After the car rolled off the back of a barge while on the way to Fraser Island on Sunday morning, sympathies for the lost valuables and supplies inside were shared across social media.

But a number of keen fishermen and women have pointed out that the inundated car, now sitting at the bottom of the Sandy Strait, could become a miniature artificial reef in years to come, and attract some more fish to the area.

One fisher, Aaron Hinton, posted a photo on Facebook of the 4X4's remains, which he observed through his sounder; traditionally used to find fish and avoid snags in shallow areas.

The 'I got bogged at Inskip Point' Facebook page was quick to share the pic.

"This is what an 80 series looks like on a sounder" the caption read.

The image shows the car, sitting below eight metres of water.

The comment thread was filled with fishers, suggesting the car could one day become a small fishing haven.

Barry Winslade: Poor buggers, anybody up for a dive.

Bryn Arkell: Matt Bryant might make a decent fishing spot in a couple years at least!

Reece Kayes: Will be a good wreck for a while

Carey Mills: Makes a great artificial reef if nothin (sic) else...