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Florence Welch sings with sick fan

FLORENCE + the Machine gave an intimate performance for a sick teenager in Texas.

Singer Florence Welch held the hand of the 15-year-old patient at Hospice Austin's Christopher House on Friday as she and the girl sang 'Shake It Out' and 'Dog Days Are Over' while backed by the frontwoman's bandmate Rob Ackroyd on guitar.

Hospice Austin shared cell phone footage of the special surprise show on YouTube, and wrote: "Today we were privileged to witness the clear joy of a room full of teenagers singing with Florence Welch and guitarist Rob Ackroyd from Florence and The Machine who came to Hospice Austin's Christopher House to give a private concert to a teen who missed her concert last night due to her illness.

"The room was full; full of joy and warmth and love and life and singing. Thank you, Florence!"

One of the patient's friends also took to social media to thank the group for their kind gesture.

In an unrelated picture on Florence's Instagram, a user named Elenakrifuks posted: "thank you for singing to my friend Karinya at the hospital yesterday it brought so much joy , your incredible person with incredible heart ! May only good blessings come your way for your support! (sic)"

Meanwhile, while she was in Texas, Florence also visited a psychic earlier in the week.

The British star posted a photo on Instagram of herself outside Cameron Reese's Psychic Insight by Cameron with the caption: "G'night Houston ANSWERS SOLUTIONS X (sic)"

And the psychic herself also shared a picture and wrote: "Love when celebrities come in for a reading. They're not what you see on TV they have good hearts and are just like us coming in for #answers!

"You're so talented and a great person. You have a wonderful energy around you! Bless you always.(sic)"