Footy WAG bloodied after dog attack


WARNING: Graphic.

The wife of former AFL star Liam Picken has appealed for help to find the owner of a dog involved in a bloody attack in Melbourne yesterday.

Blogger Annie Nolan, 30, uploaded pictures on Instagram showing her left hand and arm, as well as part of her face and T-shirt, covered in dried blood after the attack in Footscray at around 3pm on Sunday.

Nolan was reportedly in her car before jumping out to help when one dog bit a smaller one.

She uploaded photos of a small, white dog whose fur was streaked with blood as she asked for information so she could get in contact with one of the owners.



However, she insisted she doesn't "wish ill" for the owner or dog, but simply wanted to inquire about having vet bills covered and if the dog had any diseases.

"Hi friends, just seeking some help to locate the owner of the dog involved in the dog attack on the corner of Barkly and Victoria street in Footscray," Nolan wrote on Instagram.

"We DO NOT wish ill for this owner or the dog. Simply need contact in hopes they will cover vet bills, inform me if they have any bloodborne diseases (as I am getting blood work done), and we are concerned for the welfare of him and his young daughter who witnessed it."

Annie Nolan was covered in blood after the attack.
Annie Nolan was covered in blood after the attack.


Part of her pants were cake din blood too.
Part of her pants were cake din blood too.


One of the dogs came out worse for wear.
One of the dogs came out worse for wear.

Nolan, who runs her blog Uncanny Annie, then clarified on Facebook the owner tried to help and the dog was on a leash.

"Also to clarify, the dog was on leash and the owner did all they could," Nolan wrote.

"It didn't happen anywhere near where I worked today, I simply jumped out of the car with my friend (who also works in the dog grooming industry) to help break up the attack.

"Still looking to get in contact with the owner and hoping they are okay xx."

Nolan added she would not be seeking any legal advice.

The wife of Picken, who won a premiership with the Western Bulldogs in 2016, went to hospital but appeared in good spirits as she documented the events on social media.

According to the Daily Mail, Nolan wrote: "I was driving past this incident with two friends and jumped out to help. I'm washed and look better now so my kids will be fine but the other guy had a child there and I really hope she is OK."

Nolan updated her followers by posting an image of her smiling at dinner after her trip to hospital, saying she will make a full recovery.

"The lengths I go to get out of making dinner," Nolan wrote. "Thanks for the well wishes. I will be 100 per cent fine.

"The dog has a punctured neck and has a few issues but it look like it will be fine and will recover. Hope the other party involved are OK."

Nolan's husband Picken retired from footy this year because of ongoing concussion symptoms.

Liam Picken retired this season
Liam Picken retired this season