Forget asking Google, Facebook is the place to find answers

I'VE always been a curious creature.

I loved reading The Canberra Times as a teenager to learn about the latest developments in science and medicine.

I would randomly pick up one of the 20 plus volumes of the second-hand Encyclopedia Britannica's I had and reading. Or I would go in search for answers about something in those books.

Fast forward to 20 years later, and I'm asking Google for answers.

You are warned at university in O-Week not to use information you find via Google. Mainly because you cannot trust the source. There are a lot of people posting information on the internet that is not factual, not proven, and in some cases, tries to claim the opposite of what science has proven.

Surprisingly, I've noticed people asking strangers on Facebook, via Facebook pages, to help answer questions for their kids' homework.

I can understand the frustration of a parent not able to help their children with their homework. My own mother was unable to help me past Grade 6.

But to put your trust in complete strangers via social media?

I can understand the new trend for people to ask if others know of job openings in the region via Facebook.

I remember pounding the pavement for a whole day with my photocopied resume which I had typed out on an electronic typewriter just so I could get my first job.

Asking for the best business in town that does X or Y can be a bit tricky too. There are many biased opinions - good and bad - and some people tend to form their opinions based on one or two experiences with said business, rather than multiple experiences over a long period of time.

I wonder, will we start seeing people ask strangers via Facebook pages for dating advice? Legal advice?