One of the bills, with a substantial tip.
One of the bills, with a substantial tip.

Former Paypal boss may be behind $10,000 'tips for Jesus'

A MYSTERY man has been leaving  $10,000 "tips for Jesus" and documenting his generosity on Instagram.

The tips have been left across the US, with an illegible signature and @tipsforjesus stamped on the bill.

The tipper, believed to be a former PayPal boss,  takes photographs of restaurant workers holding the bills and posts them on an Instagram account  with the tagline: "Doing the Lord's work, one tip at a time."

The trail of donations runs across America, with  all tips charged to American Express.

In Fairfield, Connecticut the tipper left a $5000 tip on a $112 bill at the Seagrape, and in Los Angeles a $1000 tip went to a waiter at the Hungry Cat.

In New York in the first week of December, a waiter in the restaurant of the NoMad Hotel got a $7000 tip, another at The Smith restaurant was left $3500, while $1000 went to Aruj Dhawan, 25, at Bo's Kitchen & Bar Room.

Mr Dhawan later confirmed to the New York Post that one of the men was former PayPal vice-president Jack Selby, who had previously been rumoured to be behind the generous giving.

An original member of the PayPal team, Mr Selby made millions when the company was sold to eBay.