STARTING YOUNG: Four-year-old Erin Graham with her furry friend Lick Lick Prada.
STARTING YOUNG: Four-year-old Erin Graham with her furry friend Lick Lick Prada. Madeline Grace

Four-year-old shows skills at Blackbutt Show

FOUR-YEAR-OLD Erin Graham was the youngest and smallest cattle shower at this year's Blackbutt Show.

Erin took to the ring to show her furry friend Lick Lick Prada in the junior paraders division, a division in which all participants won a ribbon and prizemoney.

Lick Lick Prada is only 10 months old, and also took out second place in the British heifer under 12 months division.

Erin's mother Melissa Graham said all four of her children showed cattle around the South Burnett.

"They all started around four or five years old," Mrs Graham said.

"I used to show cattle too.

"It's a really great way for them to get involved with the community."

This was little Erin's first year showing cattle, and Mrs Graham said it was a pastime she wished more South Burnett children took up.

"It's a fun, clean hobby," she said.

"It really keeps the kids off the streets and out of trouble.

"My kids have learnt responsibility, about expectations, and it's also been very helpful with teaching them social skills."

Mrs Graham said the children involved with showing cattle in the South Burnett had formed a social network.

"They've made a lot of friends through the local shows, but then they kinda don't see them until they go to the shows," she said.

"They're all really close though and have each other's backs. It's great for them to have that little showing community group."

The Grahams have a cattle farm just outside of Kingaroy and this year the Graham kids have shown at nearly all of the South Burnett shows.

It was the second year Mrs Graham had been to the Blackbutt Show.

"It's such a lovely little country show," she said.

"Very community orientated."

Erin said her favourite part of the show was spending time with Lick Lick Prada and getting her face painted.

"I like leading Prada and brushing her," she said.

Mrs Graham said the kids had just as much fun spending their prizemoney, as they did earning it.