TRAGEDY: The Abante family tragically lost father Nathan, 45, son Benjamin, nine, and 18-month-old daughter Ariel Naomi. Pictured here with mother Christina.
TRAGEDY: The Abante family tragically lost father Nathan, 45, son Benjamin, nine, and 18-month-old daughter Ariel Naomi. Pictured here with mother Christina. Contributed

Funeral for family killed in horror Bruce Hwy triple fatal

THE funeral for the father and two children who died in a horror car accident on the Bruce Hwy near Curra 10 days ago will be held in Brisbane on Friday.

The 45-year-old Enoggera father, Nathaniel (Nathan) Abante, his nine-year-old son Benjamin (Jam), and 18-month-old daughter Ariel Naomi (Rie) died when their car collided with a truck on Sunday, March 26.

Witnesses said many drivers rushed to the aid of the family immediately after the tragic accident.

They are survived by wife and mother, Christina.

Their funeral will be held at the Good Shepherd Baptist Church in Albany Creek on Friday morning.

A memorial service is also planned for the family's native Philippines.

The pastor of the family's church, Nathan Lloyd, has posted this tribute to the family:

"As Pastor of the Abante family in Brisbane, it is with much sadness to inform you of the sudden and tragic passing of Christina's husband, Nathaniel (Nathan), and their children, Benjamin (Jam) and Ariel Naomi (Rie).

"This past weekend, Nathan took Jam and Rie for a drive and they were involved in a fatal accident with a semi-trailer.

"The understanding that Jam did not suffer and the ability to hold Rie one last time before she passed, have been of considerable consolation to their mother, Christina.

"I could not help but immediately think of the Bible story of Job. Job too lost all his children on one day and entered a place of sorrow I certainly do not understand. For Christina, she bears the awful loss of her children and her husband of almost 15 years, on the same day.

"Please pray earnestly for her.

"At this stage, memorial services for Nathan, Jam and Rie in Brisbane and in the Philippines are still being planned. When we have more concrete details we will pass those on as appropriate. In the meantime, Christina wants you to know that she sincerely appreciates the love, prayers and support you are offering.

"I ask for your assistance in allowing Christina and her immediate family to grieve in privacy. Should you wish to contact her in the next few days please forward your correspondence to (Good Shepherd Baptist Church /"


The Abante family tragically lost father Nathan, 45, son Benjamin, 9, and 18-month-old daughter Ariel Naomi.
Christina Abante and her husband Nathaniel, who tragically died in a car accident near Curra last month, along with their nine-year-old son Benjamin, and 18-month-old Ariel Naomi. Contributed

Pastor Lloyd posted another update to his church Facebook:

"Dear friends, family and brethren. Before reading this post, I would ask for your co-operation in communicating this information as per Christina's wishes. Christina is respectfully asking that everyone please "share" the below post in its original form to avoid any confusion. Thank you so much.

"I'm writing today to advise of the funeral arrangements for Nathaniel (Nathan), Benjamin (Jam) and Ariel (Rie) Abante. As you can understand, this has been a harrowing week for Christina. Amidst the tragedy of loss, she has also been challenged with arranging the farewell service for her family. Those of you in Brisbane will also be aware that there have been additional challenges due to the weather which contributed to delays in planning.

"Lord-willing, the funeral for Nathan, Jam and Rie will take place at 10am on Friday, the 7th of April 2017 at Good Shepherd Baptist Church, Albany Creek QLD. Christina would like to extend a warm invitation to all in joining her and the family on this day.

"Christina would also like to express to family members in the Philippines that arrangements will be made soon regarding an additional service to be held in the Philippines.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your prayers, generosity and heartfelt support for Christina this week. It has been wonderful to see the Body of Christ extend love, and also to weep with Christina as she weeps. May I ask you to please pray for the funeral on Friday: please pray for Christina and those closest to Nathan, Jam and Rie as they undertake the awful task of saying goodbye. Also, I would ask you to pray that the gospel would go forth powerfully. Christina has expressed very clearly that she hopes through the death of Nathan and her children, that many would realize their need of Christ and turn to Him.

"Thanks once again for your prayers. I will update further if the need arises. Please continue to pray for Christina as she draws on the Great Comforter, the Holy Spirit of God in this hour of need."