BRAND NEW BUILDING: An outside view of the new tuck shop at Benarkin State School. Photo: Laura Blackmore
BRAND NEW BUILDING: An outside view of the new tuck shop at Benarkin State School. Photo: Laura Blackmore

INSIDE LOOK: Benarkin school welcomes much needed tuck shop

A TIGHT-KNIT community came together to celebrate the latest building to be installed at a local school in the South Burnett.

The idea to construct the first tuck shop at the Benarkin State School was conceived in March last year after the former canteen was run out of the teacher's staffroom.

Crowds gathered at the official opening on Friday, February 21 to recognise all the hard work that went into creating this space.

School principal Kerry Christie said it was a growing school.

"Two years ago we were only 31 students and last year we grew to 58, so we nearly doubled enrolments," Mrs Christie said

"We are a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen School so we have a four bay kitchen that is part of the school as well, so the tuck shop had been working out of that.

"That room was also our staffroom so it was a communal space and come eating time, it became very busy with teachers in there and kids coming in and out of the tuck shop.

"By having the new tuck shop, we are just like every other school in the region," she said.

"I've been here now for nearly seven years and I can see how the school is growing and the P & C is just getting better and better."





P & C president Tammy Kruger was one of the forces behind getting the tuck shop idea off the ground.

She said it had been overwhelming to see the amount of support shown towards the project.

"The community really just gets behind everything," Mrs Kruger said.

"We raised $11,800 from various community events and also received around a further $43,000 in community grants.

"Without the support from the Tarong Community Partnerships Program and the Education Department, we would still be standing here scratching our heads on how to fix this problem.

"Everyone's involved in different things here and it makes me so proud to come from South Burnett."

Mrs Kruger said one of the first initiatives she was proud to launch out of the new kitchen was 'Breaky Buddies.'

"A lot of kids are getting on buses at 7am and not going to be able to eat until 9.30am," she said.

"Statistics show kids having a full belly allows them to focus in the classroom and it is something I wanted to bring to our school and struggled to vision it out of our former kitchen," she said.

"Moving forward, we want it to run self sufficiently and look forward to many more events to be run from this space."