Nanango Netball team Sassy Sassprilla awards: Lynleigh Beutel, Kate Baker, Wade Douglas, and Rhiannon Snow.
Nanango Netball team Sassy Sassprilla awards: Lynleigh Beutel, Kate Baker, Wade Douglas, and Rhiannon Snow. Madeline Grace

GALLERY: Nanango Netball MVP's and other awards

NANANGO Netball president Candance Tewes and her team are proud of their club's season, despite a few unforeseen setbacks.

"I played for this netball club back when I was a kid," she said.

"And I've been involved with my all three of my kids ever since.

"This was my first year as on the club committee and as president though."

Tewes said last year the club had an over-haul of sorts.

They welcomed a brand new executive committee and a lot of brand new netball players.

"It's been a bit of a hard season because we have a lot of kids who were brand new to playing netball," she said.

"We spread the new players out with the kids who that have been playing for ages.

"It's been great to see how much they've grown throughout this year. They've gone from knowing nothing to being really great players."

The club got together at the Nanango netball courts to celebrate their season and hand out their awards this past weekend. 

There was pizza, party food, a jumping castle, and a water slide for the club.

The annual team and individual awards were also presented by Tewes.

Here are some snaps from the awards party:


This year was the club's first year with male players, a change they have welcomed and hope to see more of.

"We've had a lot of boy players in our club this year which is a first," Tewes said.

"They come from the local soccer and rugby league teams mostly.

"They've come on over to use our club as an extra way to up their fitness and to just have fun."

Tewes said her son has also been playing for the club.

"He's just really loved it," she said.

"They're very competitive.

"I'd really like to encourage more boys to get involved.

"Netball is not just a girls sport."

Despite having a more diverse selection of players this year, it was still a tough season.

"It was hard because we were up against so many South Burnett teams with some really great experienced players," Tewes said.

"Out of all of our teams we had two make it to the semi-finals which was a real achievement.

"We didn't make it through to the finals this time. But, we saw that coming since we had so many new players.

"Overall I'm so proud of them and just can't wait to see what they do next season."