Nasturtiums are lovely bright additions for the garden.
Nasturtiums are lovely bright additions for the garden. Cheryl Zwart

Warmer weather encourages a garden full of colour

THE warm weather is a good reason why so many trees are in full flower at this time.

Jacarandas, Illawarra flame trees and silky oaks are providing superb displays.

With that in mind, if you have plans to plant colourful trees in your garden, they are all worth considering.

Incidentally, of the three trees named above, the Illawarra flame (Brachychiton acerifolium), and silky oak (Grevillea robusta) are both natives, while the jacaranda is from South Africa - we've had many folk wonder if they are also natives, but we can't lay claim to that one.

Anyone with a long driveway may like to consider planting the Illawarra flame alternating with jacarandas, or you may prefer the golden shades of silky oaks contrasting with jacarandas.



Nasturtiums are one of the easiest plants to grow in almost any garden, and are certainly delightful eye-catchers.

Not only that, but the more recent varieties available make very good ground covers, and what's more you can add the leaves to your tossed salad adding a bit of spice to the meal, and they're believed to be good at repelling pests such as woolly aphids.

Don't delay, plant the seeds or seedlings now in a sunny, well-drained spot in the garden bed or rockery, in hanging baskets or tubs, and you'll enjoy a beautiful show for Christmas.


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