Molly Hancock reveals the highs and lows of her eight-week fitness challenge in her column, Getting Fit with Chocolate.
Molly Hancock reveals the highs and lows of her eight-week fitness challenge in her column, Getting Fit with Chocolate. Molly Hancock


WHAT do you do when you have an addiction to chocolate and have recently returned from a month in Europe?

Start an eight-week fitness challenge of course.

I am currently in my first week of hell, aka my lifestyle change, attempting to get fit while occasionally indulging in the sweet, magnificent goodness that is chocolate.

I have decided to write this weekly column to not only keep myself accountable, but share the highs and lows of the eight weeks.

Yes, you might think I am crazy to start a fitness challenge in the middle of winter (it is by the way), but to ease my struggles I managed to rope in one of my colleagues to go on this journey with me.

As part of the challenge you are required to take before photos (oh joy). After taking my photos, I proceeded to call my mum in Victoria for some extra moral support.

While we chatted away on the phone I realise instead of sending Mum the before photos, I had in fact sent them to one of my friends. No accompanying message, just three individual photos of me in my sports bra and leggings, very puffed and red-faced.

After letting out a scream and accidentally hanging up on Mum, I began to send numerous messages to my friend apologising for random photos at 6.30am on a Friday.

My friend saw the humour, and replied to say the images had taken our friendship to a whole new level.

The challenge was off to a ripper start.

On Monday morning I had grand plans of getting up at 5.30am and going to the gym: FAIL.

After waking up at 7am instead, I decided I could still have a crack at this healthy lifestyle thing I had committed to and packed my boiled eggs, tuna, steamed vegies and gym gear for work.

As I mentioned earlier, my biggest weakness when it comes to being healthy is eating too much chocolate and of course the place I work at has a chocolate and lolly barrel that sits on my desk - the temptation is real.

After strategically placing the barrel out of my reach (on top of a wall out of my sight) the longing for chocolate became more intense, especially when workmates who know I'm not eating said chocolate continued to offer me some.

So far it has been four days, six hours and 12 minutes since chocolate last touched my lips (mental high-five).

Thanks to the sugar withdrawal headaches and sore muscles, it's fair to say the next seven weeks are going to be challenging, and I will most likely make everyone I know suffer through it all with me.

Stay tuned for next week's Getting Fit with Chocolate.