FULL EDUCATION: Saint Mary's children within the prep program.
FULL EDUCATION: Saint Mary's children within the prep program. St Mary's Catholic College

Getting prepped for prep

SAINT Mary's Catholic College is where your child can complete their entire schooling journey, from prep to graduation.

St Mary's teacher Pam Radcliffe is confident that their prep program is the perfect start to their education.

"We follow the Australian curriculum which is a play-based, foundation learning curriculum. It is also where they learn to read and to write," Ms Radcliffe said.

"Once they've finished prep, they should be able to write sentences and at a certain reading level. It's kind of like a benchmark for us to see how they're going."

Within this curriculum, students will learn the foundations of traditional education subjects.

"It's the curriculum that follows straight through, which includes Maths, English, Religious Education, Art, Technology, HASS, which is History and Social Science and Geography," Ms Radcliffe said.

"Of course, these subjects are at a comprehensible level for our prep students."

Fun activities are incorporated so that the children have an easy learning experience.

"We incorporate things like puzzles and dress ups for character play, as well as reading many books," she said.

"In fact, in our prep orientation the previous year, which is in November, we gift them a book, which is We're Going on a Bear Hunt.

"Over the holidays the families can read it, so that when the kids first start the next year, they already know the story. It's a fun way to step up and get them ready to learn."

This orientation week allows the children to get used to the school before they even begin.

"In prep, we have open days throughout the year where people can come have a look, so kids can already get used to the area. If they apply to the school, and their enrolment is then offered and accepted, families can then attend the November orientation week," Ms Radcliffe said.

"Here, everyone can come and get more familiar with the campus and its classrooms, and we will explain what prep is, as well going through the curriculum and different subjects."

With their all-embracing prep program, your little ones can comfortably progress their learning without any interruptions or unnecessary transitions.

"As there isn't much of a transition, it definitely helps their learning. We still run a secondary bell timetable, too, so the kids are used to the bell times, too, so they don't have to get used to any timetable changes," Ms Radcliffe said.

"Also, as we're on the one campus, the younger siblings often still have the support of their big brother or sister. It's a very family oriented school."