The roo shortly after it rattled Mark Cockburn's front door.
The roo shortly after it rattled Mark Cockburn's front door.

Is this the best door knocker deterrent ever?

A BRISBANE man had an unexpected visitor at his property last week.

Mark Cockburn of Greenbank said he was home when he heard someone moving around on his front verandah.

"I was sitting in the office and then I heard rattle on the security door and a bit of a scratch around," he said.

"I thought it must've been a dog or something out there, and I put my head around the corner and there he was."

The impressively-sized roo jumped up and down the verandah before jumping over the rail, and returning a short time later.

"There's a large group of them who congregate in the front yard quite often, but that's the first time one's jumped up on the front verandah," he said.

"There was a large group in the front yard at the time. I think there was another male there and they were having a bit of a barney. I wasn't going to step outside."

Mr Cockburn said the kangaroos were a welcome part of the area.

"They haven't given us any trouble but they can be confronting when you come round the corner in the yard and go 'oh okay, you stay there and I'll just go back where I came from'," he said.

"He was pretty tall. When he shapes up, he'd be taller than me and I'm over 6 foot. You wouldn't want to be taking them on."