Gillard rumor mill fires up

PRIME Minister Julia Gillard has denied claims she was involved in any wrong-doing when she was an industrial lawyer at Slater and Gordon about 17 years ago.

A story published in The Australian on Saturday revealed a senior former equity partner at the law firm said Ms Gillard resigned from her job in relation to an internal investigation in 1995 into her and her then-boyfriend, a former union official's conduct.

Ms Gillard denied the statement's by the former Slater and Gordon equity partner, instead attacking questions from The Australian's Editor-at-Large Paul Kelly.

She said re-hashing of claims made many years ago was both malicious and scurrilous.

"There is no point in flogging through all the details on this because the people who are pursuing this malicious campaign will continue to do it," she told Sky News on Sunday.

"They are not at all interested in the truth."

Manager of Opposition Business Christopher Pyne said she should make a statement putting her arguments before the parliament, setting the scene for a vicious sittings week in the nation's capital.