Now it's time for the guys to guess the girls' secrets.
Now it's time for the guys to guess the girls' secrets. Channel 9

Girls miss the mark on Big Brother

THE girls are up for elimination on Big Brother after failing in their secret task.

The seven female housemates had a week to try to suss out the boys and correctly match each to their secret.

After using up their four chances, the girls incorrectly guessed Benjamin as the multi-millionaire, rather than George.

The 14 housemates must now nominate three of the girls for elimination in tomorrow night's live show.

Viewers will then vote to save their favourite.

Now it's time for the guys to try to guess the girls' secrets. They were also revealed in tonight's show. 


The female housemate secrets are:

I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I was a champion weightlifter

I am a high school dropout

I was a nude protester

I used to be an emo

I was a hand model

I am a member of a Royal Family


But the cat's already out of the bag for two of the girls' secrets. Big Brother fans were quick to uncover evidence that Layla is related to a former monarch of Poland and that Sarah is the nude protester.

It comes after George was quickly outed as the multi-millionaire. But the public knowledge will do little to help the housemates inside their media lockdown.

The pink parlour has been converted into a "man cave", where the guys will convene when prompted by Big Brother to discuss their efforts to uncover the girls' secrets.

This week, Big Brother will reveal an exciting secret of his own when the housemates are pitted against each other in a reward challenge they will all want to win.