WELL DONE: Chris Lynn made a decent T20 debut against England in Hobart on Wednesday night.
WELL DONE: Chris Lynn made a decent T20 debut against England in Hobart on Wednesday night. Michael Dodgegetty IMAGES

Glad to see "Boof" Lehmann again

MY first week back in camp with the Australian side this summer was certainly a contrast to just 12 months ago.

Being back under my old Queensland coach "Boof" Lehmann for the Twenty20s against the English has been refreshing, entertaining and informative.

I am constantly asked questions like, "what is it like in camp?", or "how much do you train and is it hard?"

Flying into Hobart on Monday morning gave us just enough time to adjust from the flight before the first game on Wednesday night.

Recovery and physio screenings are always scheduled shortly after checking into the hotel after a flight, ensuring all bodies are functioning and in order.

The day before a game usually involves a "top-up" training session, as players get what they need to prepare for the match - batting, bowling and fielding.

Boof's training mantra is quality over quantity, ensuring no player is there longer then he needs to be.

The afternoon following training has generally been left free to do your own thing - bowlers will line up for massages, while batsman will go sipping lattes or doing photo shoots. No surprises there.

For squad members not in the playing XI for the coming game, downtime can be spent refining your game in the nets, viewing footage, or working hard in the gym.

Particularly for bowlers, a long season is void of any real gym time, so quiet afternoons can be a gold mine to catch up on some strength sessions.

Loss of strength for a fast bowler isn't just a numbers game or about bragging rights at the local gym.

It can hamper performance and heighten the chance of injury, making sessions all the more important to squeeze in when possible.

In this Twenty20 series against the Poms, it's a case of fly, play, fly, play, fly, play - with only two days between each game. This is where those after-hours strength sessions come into their own.

It was fantastic to see Chris Lynn make his debut on Wednesday night, coming in during the late overs to smack 37 off just 19 balls. It was a pleasure to be with him every step of the way during his first international game.

I'll never forget the look he gave me as I ran him out a drink early on in his innings when he was looking for a boundary, subsequently clubbing one over the ropes to get the ball rolling and release the nerves.

He might have looked impassive on screen, but, trust me, he was churning inside.

Tonight we head to the MCG for game two, hoping to wrap up the series with another big win.

With short boundaries straight down the ground, I'm looking forward to watching Lynny go big once again as he swings for the ropes on the international stage.

With any luck, I will be able to get into the action as well!