What is Kaufland? German giant moving in on SEQ

A GLOBAL German supermarket chain has held talks about building a mammoth distribution centre in Ipswich.

Kaufland, which has more than 1230 stores in Europe, will unleash a $500 million assault on Australia's leading supermarket giants.

The company is on a public hunt to find a location to build a super-sized distribution centre in south-east Queensland after winning planning approval in March for its first three supermarkets and a new distribution centre in Victoria.

Ipswich had great success in luring Australia Post and Coles distribution centres along with Rheinmetall's military vehicle centre of excellence to the Redbank Motorway Estate.

An Ipswich City Council spokesman confirmed it had met with representatives from the German giant, whose supermarkets are up to 20,000sqm; five times bigger than a large Coles or Woolworths store.

"Kaufland gave a presentation to council on its global operations," the spokesman said.

"Council welcomes any opportunity to work with businesses interested in investing in the Ipswich region."

Kaufland did not respond to a request for comment.

According to its website, the company requires a minimum plot size of 17,000sqm, but a preferred size of between 25,000sqm and 30,000sqm.

"Kaufland has an ambitious Australian investment and development program and we are always looking to purchase suitable and appropriate sites," its website notes.

"Our recent arrival in Australia means greater career opportunities and tremendous scope for growth exists in an exciting start-up atmosphere."

Redbank Motorway Estate management touts its site as a "leading industrial development" with land sales between 15,000 and 363,900sqm; well inside Kaufland's requirements.