Coast Great-grandad Ivan Conway on Millionaire Hot Seat. Photo: Channel 9
Coast Great-grandad Ivan Conway on Millionaire Hot Seat. Photo: Channel 9

Grandad’s game show journey overshadows health concerns

Coast Great-grandfather Ivan Conway has limited sight, limited hearing and has endured an ongoing cancer battle for almost a decade - but he classes himself as one of the lucky ones.

The Minyama resident, 77, knows a thing or two about overcoming life's challenges.

A fifth-generation coal miner, he was once stripped of all his clothes and head lamp and left down a mine shaft.

Mr Conway has lost most of his immediate family to cancer, including his twin brother.

He is adamant he will not become another statistic despite his own cancer journey.

Mr Conway was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2012.

He rejected the radiation and chemotherapy treatment, claiming it was "worse than the cancer."

"I told them to shove it," Mr Conway said.

The inspirational great-grandfather isn't wasting any time on feeling sorry for himself.

"The thing is I am still here to talk about it," he said.

"Life is like that, you have just got to get on with it."

His recent appearance on Channel 9's Millionaire Hot Seat was a welcome relief after years of health worries.

Picking up some big dollars on the high-stakes game show would've been the icing on the cake but sadly it wasn't to be.

He walked away with just the memories of another life chapter.

"I've been watching for many years, we are all Einstein from the lounge chair at home," Mr Conway said.

"But when it comes to sitting in the Hot Seat it's a completely different experience."