COURT: Sonia Lee Barbour fronted Roma Magistrates Court today.
COURT: Sonia Lee Barbour fronted Roma Magistrates Court today.

Grandmother caught driving same day licence was disqualified

A GRANDMOTHER who was caught behind the wheel only hours after her licence was disqualified in court for drug driving said it was because “she wasn’t thinking.”

Sonia Lee Barbour, 47 fronted Roma Magistrates Court today via telephone and pleaded guilty to three charges including possessing dangerous drugs, possessing utensils or pipes and driving a motor vehicle without a drivers licence disqualified by court order.

Police prosecutor sergeant Heather Whiting told the court Barbour had also appeared at the last sitting of Roma Magistrates Court on April 8 when her licence was disqualified for five months.

The court heard on 5.20pm that same day, Barbour was intercepted by police in the Northern Star carpark where she told police she had only been the passenger in the car.

After being questioned further, she made full admissions and said she had originally lied because “she didn’t want to get into trouble and was trying to get her life together”.

The court heard on April 18 at 10.15am, a search warrant was executed at her residence where police located 1.4g of marijuana and a pipe.

Barbour made full admissions to the items belonging to her.

“That was such a stupid thing to do, that driving. I would have told you that day ‘don’t drive or you will be disqualified for two years,’” Magistrate Saggers said.

“You need to make sensible choices. You’re 48 this year.”

Barbour pleaded guilty to the three charges.
Magistrate Saggers convicted Barbour, fined her $750 for driving while disqualified and sentenced her to the mandatory 24 month disqualification.

He fined her a further $350 for the two drug charges, with convictions recorded for all.

“That was such a foolish thing to do on the day you were disqualified,” Magistrate Saggers said.

“I wasn’t thinking,” replied Barbour via telephone.

“Well you didn’t have to think back that far – you were only sentenced that day,” Magistrate Saggers said.

“If you continue to breach disqualifications, it shows that you don’t care and if you continue to show that you don’t care, we will impose a sentence that will make you care.”