In The Victim, Kelly Macdonald plays a mum out for justice for her murdered son.
In The Victim, Kelly Macdonald plays a mum out for justice for her murdered son. Supplied

Gripping Scottish drama one TV show you don't want to miss

She's used to being the 'only Scot in the room', so Kelly Macdonald jumped at the chance to work on a dark psychological thriller in her hometown of Glasgow.

The award-winning actor, best know for her roles in Trainspotting, No Country for Old Men and Pixar's Brave, returns to the small screen in The Victim - her first TV role since Boardwalk Empire.

"The series is set in Edinburgh but we filmed the majority in Glasgow so it was great to sleep in my own amazingly comfy bed every night," she says. "I was working a lot but at least I was home at night."

In the new four-part mini-series, which premiering on Foxtel tonight, Kelly plays Anna Dean - a mother accused of revealing her son's killer's alleged new identity online and conspiring to have him murdered.

Kelly Macdonald in a scene from The Victim.
Kelly Macdonald in a scene from The Victim. MARSAILI MAINZ

"I got excited about this strong female character. On the outside she's the vulnerable woman fighting for justice, but it's more than that. She goes so wrong in places," she says. "She feels justified in her actions and there's sort of nothing worse than that.

"Anger is seeping out of her pores and she's just not able to rest until she thinks she gets justice for her son's murder. She becomes quite unlikable in places. It felt very real. It could have been really trite if it had been written by a lesser man than Rob (Williams, Killing Eve). She felt very human and flawed."

Delving into the murky moral waters of grief, social justice and forgiveness, the series broke consolidated ratings records for BBC One in the UK and was a major talking point on social media.

"You feel sympathy in ways you don't expect in watching this show," Macdonald says.

"It shows you in the world things aren't black and white. It's not easy to see often who's the real victim.

"One crime has this domino effect and it makes you stop and think. From my group of friends, who have all been so bored and not interested in what I've done, they all watched it and it was something they all wanted to talk about. It changed the way they look at certain issues."

The Victim airs Mondays at 8.30pm on BBC First.